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Financial Tips FAQ

Why fight so hard to avoid foreclosure?

Going through foreclosure completely destroys your credit. That mark is there for seven years, and can make it very difficult for you to get back above water. By going through foreclosure, you are defaulting on your debt. This does not look good to future creditors. By selling your home, you can pay off your debt, and leave the situation with your credit intact and some assets remaining.

How do you determine how much a house is worth?

We look at the following factors to calculate an offer on your home:

  • the current financial condition of the home
  • the current physical condition of the home
  • the time and expense that repairs will incur
  • the state and value of nearby homes
  • how much the house will be worth after repairs

Do you work in my state?

We can buy and sell houses in all 50 states. We will send our certified local general contractors to inspect homes and talk personally with you about the offer on your house.

Can I expect a market value offer for my home?

The offer we give you won’t be 100% market value, but it also won’t come with the hassle and fees that a traditional sale would. You’ll get all cash, all upfront, and you’ll be able to avoid foreclosure without having to implement repairs to improve your property value.

What happens to the houses you buy?

Some houses are sold to interested investors, people who want to be landlords, etc. We also work with people who convert homes into residential assisted living housing, where 4-6 elderly residents live and are cared for. This keeps them in a home setting, sometimes even in their own neighborhood, and can be preferable to corporate group homes.

How do I know you're not a scam?

We’re glad you asked! There are a lot of real estate scams out there and it’s hard to tell who’s legitimate. One way you can know we’re legitimate is that we’ll never ask for your money; we pay you for your house, no charges, no hidden fees.

There are also real estate investment scams that offer tons of advice at a “low-cost seminar”, but then you’re asked for more money to get the “real secrets” and you’re pitched a list of “surefire leads” for additional cost. If anything is trying to sound too good to be true, it probably is. We will always provide you with free financial and investment information on this site- we’re in the business of buying and selling homes, not swindling people.

You can avoid these scams by staying away from businesses that ask for cash upfront without any proof of the value you’re getting.


Are you:

  • More than 3 payments behind on your mortgage?
  • Unable to put your house on the market because of time and financial constraints?
  • A landlord who’s tired of the rental game?
  • Not interested in doing the home repairs needed to sell your house?
  • Relocating and need to sell your home quickly?
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Important Questions to Consider:

  • Do you have available funds or investment income that you want to put into real estate?
  • Would you prefer someone to find and evaluate potential investments or is this something that you are interested in pursuing yourself?
  • Your financial investment is going to earn you money. Do you want it as residual income or as a lump sum? What ROI works for you?

Financial Investment Opportunities wants to provide you with investments that have a high potential to make your investment earnings goal.

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How we work

We work with homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly. They have gotten themselves into a distressed situation where normal retail sale of the house would not be an appropriate option for them. We evaluate the home and make a cash offer based upon a formula. If our offer is accepted, we proceed to move forward with the closing process. In many cases, we can close within 15 days.

We then work with other real estate investors. Many of these investors are looking for rental properties or properties to improve and sell. Sometimes the homes can be repurposed, like being turned into assisted living facilities for the elderly, or being designated to charities like Habitat for Humanity.

For more information, see our FAQ Page.

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Interested in investing

If you are interested in any aspect of real estate, there is an opportunity for you to work with us. There are several ways. Fill out our investor form for more information!

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Become a bird dog

Whether you’re new to the world of real estate, or are an expert in appraising homes, being a bird dog can be a lucrative way to make a living. You’ll be responsible for finding and assessing homes available for cash, and deciding if they’re a good investment. Bird dogs are the stage crew of our industry, submitting property deals and contact information to our investment team.

Benefits for Bird Dogs with Financial Investment Opportunities include:

  • Income opportunity or finders fee at the close of the sale
  • Learning in the field
  • Opportunities to mentor and be mentored
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